Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program


Recommend Signal and earn 50%

Signal is already the best tool for swing trading cryptocurrency. Now we have the world's best affiliate program, too.

Earn $5 for every new customer you refer to Signal and on each recurring charge.

Quick math - assume you sign up 5 people per month for 5 months. Afterwards, you will be earning $125/month ($1500/year) in passive income.

Getting started is easy

  • Get your link – sign up and receive a unique tracking link.
  • Share your link tell your friends or followers.
  • Earn commission – get paid every month for each subscriber.

Let's keep it simple

  • No monthly minimums – whether you refer 1 person or 1000, you get paid monthly.
  • No payment restrictions – commission is paid on all subscribers. It doesn't matter if they pay with PayPal, Visa, or crypto. If we get paid, you get paid.
  • No catches – get paid via PayPal or crypto into your account, whichever you prefer.

Contact us to get setup today

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